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Control adherence to company speeding policies with realtime reporting.

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The mi:time Speeding Management Module (SMM) integrates with your TomTom WEBFLEET installation to provide invaluable driver data.

By collecting information from TomTom it proactively manages speeding offences by enforcing the applicable disciplinary policy, as defined by your company, in a fair, consistent and transparent manner, reporting in realtime to all parties concerned.

There are several benefits to using the mi:time Speeding Management Module for both your company and your staff.


mi:time SMM provides invaluable data, speed management and transparency towards the adherence to company speeding policies.

Webfleet Integration

Works seamlessly and effortlessly with existing TomTom Webleet enabled vehicles.

Vehicle Agnostic

Reports on the actions of the driver as opposed to the vehicle.

Real time communication

From the point of deployment, notifications are automated allowing for immediate communication.

Consistent Management

Using the SMM provides strict management guidelines and recommendations created from your speeding policy.

Comprehensive Reports

A comprehensive report is instantly produced and supplied to all interested parties.

Safety First

A driver is only notified by text regarding the offence when vehicle is in 'parked' status.

Why use it?

speed management improvements

Consistent Improvements

Putting to one side the fact that speeding is illegal the negative impact on your business from employees who speed can be long lasting. This impact on public perception of your company increases the more drivers you have in a reduced geographical area and especially when you mainly operative within urban areas. The largest impact on public perception is not made by drivers on the motorway doing 80mph but by drivers in urban areas speeding by as little as 10% over the legal limit. Whenever a company vehicle speeds it is the company that is registered negatively in the minds of other road users and not the driver themselves.

Sample data collected from our SMM for 120 drivers indicates that for every 1 speeding offence which has resulted in a fixed penalty for the driver over 450 offences have occurred where the speed limit was exceeded by greater than 15%.

Our SMM educates your drivers by enforcing your speeding policy. Instead of looking for mobile or static speed cameras the driver knows that they are breaking company policy which could, ultimately, result in their dismissal or removal from driving duties on behalf of the company. Our SMM has seen unprecedented improvement in driving behaviors for our clients.

Vehicle Agnostic

Most fleet management systems, as you would expect, are created to focus on the vehicle and not the driver. When a vehicle is moving it knows who is driving it but if the vehicle is vacated and the driver logged out then it can be difficult to find information regarding the driver without running a driver report.

Our SMM focusses purely on the driver as it is the driver who is responsible for the speed that the vehicle is travelling. During setup the company hierarchy is created so the system knows who reports into who which in turn defines the escalation process.

vehicle agnostic
driving offences

Consistent Communication

WEBFLEET, like all other fleet management systems, relies on an individual to administer a speeding report. This would normally involve running the report and distributing the results to individual line managers who will then need to communicate the report to the driver concerned. This provides two points of critical failure to enforcing any speeding policy especially where succession management is not in place to ensure a continuation in reporting needs. Furthermore, there will always be a delay between the offence occurring, the report being generated and action being taken.

Our SMM works autonomously and requires no human interaction from the point of deployment. Being completely automated allows for immediate communication, in a consistent and structured manner, of any speeding offence through a predefined reporting route.

Consistent Management of Offences

Management styles differ between each manager and sometimes issues are not dealt with in a consistent manner between individuals and across departments. Using the SMM provides strict management guidelines and recommendations created from your speeding policy.

The decision to adhere to your policy remains in the line manager’s hands but, should they fail to follow your confirmed policy, deviations from the recommended action are escalated. Escalation routes for non-adherence are set during deployment and they can include any individual, department or mailing list.

management of offences
complete transparency

Consistently Transparent

The SMM reports speeding offences in exactly the same manner regardless of who is causing the offence.
The reports always contain the following information in the same format:

  • The time the offence took place
  • The duration of the offence
  • Where it took place on a map
  • The legal speed limit for the location
  • The top speed the vehicle was travelling at during the offence
  • What stage the driver is at in the disciplinary process for speeding offences
  • The company policy on speeding
  • The recommended action, pending investigation, for the offence

Offering complete transparency ensures that there are no surprises and that everyone is treated in exactly the same way in accordance with the company policy.

Consistently Fair

All staff know the policy you have defined to handle speeding offences and how that policy will be enforced. Our SMM manages the expectations of the employee and those of their line manager.

Being consistent in every aspect of policy enforcement leaves no doubt and places the responsibility firmly in the hands of the employee.

consistantly fair

Driver Communication

Driver Text notification

Driver Text Notification

The driver will receive a text message advising that there has been a speeding offence recorded for them along with an overview of the offense.

This text is only sent once the vehicle status is ‘Parked’ or the ignition status is off.

The driver receives no notifications whilst the vehicle is moving.

Driver Full Details

The driver text notification link directs the driver to a secure webpage where they will be presented with the full details of the driving offence along with a count of driving offences and any existing disciplinary actions recorded against them.

The Speeding History in conjunction with the Company Policy on Speeding Offences outlines the expected course of action, pending investigation, for this offence.

full management reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

Do drivers need to have a mobile phone to receive the text messages?
No. Any cellular device, with messaging functions, can receive the text notifications. Most Android PDAs and robust mobile delivery systems can receive text messages. If your incumbent devices do not have a messaging client then we can deploy, through your mobile device management program, a light weight app to handle the speeding alerts. We strongly recommend not using in cab hardware to receive these notifications.
How is information collected from WEBFLEET?
We are a registered WEBFLEET.connect integration solutions partner and are able to integrate our solutions using our own unique identification details once you have created an administration account for us. All information is taken directly from TomTom’s WEBFLEET servers, we do not access your IT infrastructure.
What information is collected from WEBFLEET and how is it used?
The SMM only collects the driver number, location, duration, speed and the vehicle status for any vehicle that is travelling over the legal speed limit. This information is stored within the SMM databases to instigate and progress the notification and escalation process.
Do you share any information collected from WEBFLEET with third parties?

Our SMM is available under two agreements, Disclosure and Non- Disclosure.


Under the disclosure agreement we will share anonymous information, in the form of a heat map, of all speeding offences with local Emergency Services and the County Council Highways Department. We hope that sharing this information will help the Emergency Services in making our roads safer and for County Councils to identify any signage improvements.

This information only contains instances of speeding with no information which can be linked to an individual or company. The single heat map covers all clients who have opted in to the disclosure agreement.


Under the non-disclosure agreement, no information is shared with any third party.

What are the benefits of opting for the Disclosure agreement?

We believe that sharing speeding information with local authorities and emergency services will help in making our roads safer. We also believe that speeding information can assist in large scale development planning projects.

As a thank you for helping us to make the roads safer, by agreeing to sharing anonymous information, we will discount your annual subscription charges by 15%

Does using the SMM affect our contract with, or payments to, TomTom?
No. Our integration solutions sit outside of any agreement you may have with TomTom or a third party reseller.

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