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The comprehensive time management system - whenever and wherever you are.

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time management


mi:time management provides a comprehensive realtime report on all staff timekeeping and locations.


Have complete visibility of all hours being claimed for by your team, how much overtime, what holidays are being booked and any absences from work that arise.


Find any member of staff whether they are at a different site, on the road, visiting a client, working from home or abroad on business.


Review timekeeping performance as it happens for every member of your team from a single, uncomplicated performance dashboard that’s been designed around your business.


Resolve issues surrounding schedule adherence and submit your team’s working hours directly to your payroll department or an external payroll contractor all at a click of a button.

mi:time management offers an end to end solution to time keeping for all of your team regardless of their role or location.

The working practices of one company may not be the same as another yet many time management programs offer a single solution which is meant to cater for all. This often results in companies having to ‘make do’ with the solutions that are available but which may not fully meet their business needs.

mi:time management understands that not all companies are the same. Some will have remote workers, home workers, site based staff, transport operatives, team members who have access to a computer and others who do not and that these working practices could be different between sites within the same organisation.

Understanding your business needs and making sure that your configuration of the time management system is precisely what you need, is critical to us which is why we provide 100 hours of system development to make sure your system fulfils all of your operational requirements.



Our solution focusses on the people, not the software, and that is why we offer 4 different clocking options, to suit the users changable working patterns, that can all be used with the same installation of the time management system.

Each clocking option gives the designated user access to a company defined range of actions to self-serve as much as you want them to. Using their RFID Photo ID badge, along with 2 factor authentication on the desktop version, to log in wherever they are located or working provides excellent security and discourages clock ins by proxy. RFID badges can be supplied as part of the installation or we can utilise any existing RFID card or tag system* you may currently have.

*Any existing RFID tag or card encoding must be ISO14443A compliant.


For site based users, who have permanent access to a computer, there’s the desktop version of mi:time. The desktop version offers full access to all of the mi:time time management system’s functions based on either hierarchical or group security policies, you decide who can do what.

If they are site based but do not have access to a desktop then we have the central clocking unit that is designed for high volume processing of clocking actions at entry and exit points. Central Clocking Units stations come in two different types, public facing and staff only. These units can be configured to allow members of staff to book holidays with restrictions being placed as to when this function should be available to them. Whilst the public facing unit allows visitors to sign in.

We can also provide workshop or unit clocking systems which can be multi-functional when used with the infinitude360 Enterprise Resource and Performance Management System or as standalone lightweight clocking stations.

Remote workers, either permanent or temporary, can use the lightweight mi:time mobile application. The mobile app, available for Android and iOS devices, allows users to clock in and out whilst on the move. By default the mobile app monitors device location at 5 minute intervals, providing you with valuable data and safeguarding the user.

multi device functionality

User Features Comparison

mi:time offers a range of user interfaces to meet all business requirements whether employees are office, factory or workshop based or remote workers.

Desktop Central Clocking System Workshop/Unit Clocking System App Lite App Pro
Record Start and Finish Times
Display User Specific Messages
Movement Tracking
Movement Between Clocking Sites
Leave Booking (Optional) (Optional)
Sickness Reporting
S.O.S Function

Manager Features Comparison

The management version of mi:time affords the user full access to their entire team time management information.

Desktop App Lite App Pro
Send User Specific Messages
Send Team Messages
Manage Schedule Adherence Exceptions
Set Working Schedules
Time Attendance Reporting
Late Start Notifications
Delegated Access

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